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A kitchen table dream that has turned into reality for Joey Rossi and his expanding ENERGIZE team.

“Starting out as a mobile personal trainer in an equipment-kitted van in 2006, I have since expanded to Chillington Gym and continued my progression with ENERGIZE. Using revolutionary machinery, up-to-date fitness knowledge and an enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle, we have kept the dream alive!”


Chillington Gym is the hub of the ENERGIZE fitness enterprise. Dedicated members of all ages and abilities enjoy working from personal programmes in a comfortable and friendly environment. Click on the Gym tab for more information.

Personal Training

Puts you as number one. Pick up your motivation with a one-to-one training approach. Available from the comfort of your own home, using the stunning local environment, in a gym near you or here at Chillington Gym. Click on Joey  for more information.


Enjoyable group exercise! We combine the best moves to develop strength, endurance and flexibility. Click on the Contact us tab for more information.

newPower Plate 

Vibration training is a new and exciting way to improve toning, fitness and flexibility. A faster and easier path to achieving the results you have always wanted. Click on the Power Plate tab  for more information.

Weight Loss

The Weight Loss Course does as it says and gets results! It is an intense 8-week programme and all participants have seen improvements in weight and general health. Keith M. holds the record so far who has gone on to lose over 5 stone since starting the programme. This year he has reversed his diabetes and competed with myself in several endurance events.

energize clothing

Combines quality workout gear with your favourite motivational slogans. These can be purchased from ebay (energize clothing) or ordered through the Gym. 

Health and Beauty

These go hand in hand, which is why we are now internally connected with SANTE' Beauty Clinic. Come and take advantage of amazing offers on massages, facials, waxing, reflexology and many more beauty treatments. Click on the Sante' tab for more information. 

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