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Offering the latest equipment to develop Strength, Power and cardiovascular Endurance, we are able to accommodate people from all walks of life.

The knowledge, experience and enthusiasm of our instructors sets us apart from the average sports centre.

We are always on hand to help achieve goals and develop a training plan suited to your needs.

Limited membership places so we can ensure a personal approach to fitness, from only £35 a month.

Health MOT

With an ENERGIZE essential health assessment you can get an insight in to your physical condition as well as expert advice regarding possible lifestyle changes which could benefit your health and wellbeing in the future. To determine your health score we will carry out a;

60 minute Health Assessment Measuring:

Body Mass Index (BMI)
Resting Heart Rate
Aerobic fitness
Blood pressure
Blood glucose levels

You will also have the opportunity to discuss hydration, nutrition, sleep quality and any existing injuries.

Your health score

A score between 6 and 100 based on the results of your health MOT that will help you to understand your current health and fitness to track your progress.

A personalised action plan

A personalised training plan and regular check-ins will chart your progress and improvements over time, helping you to improve your overall health. 

June Mead
"Joey and Lucy have changed my life. With there help I have achieved a vitality and figure I never thought possible!"

Penny Carmichael
"I have dropped two dress sizes with the help of Joey, Lucy and the Power Plate. Inches have dropped off my waist and legs."

Kieth Makepiece
The Weight loss programme designed by a Joey, helped me gain the motivation and drive I needed to lose two stone in just 8 weeks and go on to lose a further 3 stone!! Amazing job Energize."

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